The performance took place at the first International Festival of Ephemeral Art Contexts in Sokołowsko in 2011.

The performance ended with the reaction of people who tightened the circle, blocking movement.

camera: Aneta Rogenbuk

phot: Leszek Krutulski, Ryszard Piegza

9.--Izabela-Chamczyk-by-KP 8.--Izabela-Chamczyk-by-KPDSC_4994 DSC_5020 DSC_5011 DSC_4991 DSC_4999 LK1AEF~1 Krutulski 5.--Izabela-Chamczyk-by-JG 11.--Izabela-Chamczyk-by-KP 6.--Izabela-Chamczyk-by-JGAAA 4.--Izabela-Chamczyk-by-JG 3.-Izabela-Chamczyk-by-JG