The performance BESTIE (title given by curator Lenka Klodová in Czech language) took place at the 7th Festival of naked forms in Prague as the second part of the “Everything is connected” diptych at September 2021. Because I was active at two performance festivals during one weekend, I created a performance diptych. The action started at the 17th Mózg Festival in Bydgoszcz and ended at the 7th Festival of naked forms in Prague.

For both performances, I used the same fur dress. 

On the screen behind me, you could see the documentation from the first part of the diptych “Everything is Connected” entitled GUM EXPERIENCE, which I did two days earlier at the 17th MÓZGF Festival in Bydgoszcz.


camera: Lenka Klodová, Leszek Ciepliński



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