The performance took place at the 12th Tyskie Performance Festival – new media 2023

I left the Gallery where the festival was taking place and went to the urban space – to the Tychy market square.

It happened to be the day of Corpus Christi – a Catholic holiday in which the “Body of Christ” is carried in a procession.

I approached men in BDSM gear with an invisible but significant leash in my pocket (I was looking for my “dog”) and whispered questions into their ears. The whispers were amplified through a mobile loudspeaker.

However, in the entire performance, the most important thing was my presence in the urban space and the change of context through my “appearance” on the city square.

The Tychy audience is very traditional, and the city authorities do not accept controversy in art. Therefore, after posting a few photos on the festival website, the organizers decided, without my knowledge, to use a kind of censorship: to remove most of the photos from their social media (promoting the performance festival), after a few comments from the residents of Tychy.

photo: Magdalena Borucka, Leszek Ciepliński