WAVE PHASE – the phase of vibration of the medium point in which the wave propagates. The phase determines where the wave point is in the part of the wave period. Everyone experiences a moment where they are carried away by a wave of emotions, experiences, fascination, pain, vibrations and interactions from outside or inside and becomes the point of the wave. The on-camera performance which is a development and both a continuation of an earlier performance that I carried out at the 2011 Sokołowsko festival, entitled “Hysteria”

Mediterranean Sea, Southern France, 2014

thanks for: Krzysztowa Maniaka i Anny Cicheckiej

The performance was presented as a large-screen installation at the Biennale Mediations at the exhibition entitled “Borders of Globalization” in Poznań in 2014:


DSC_0177 DSC_0253

It was also presented at the exhibition “Only Broken Clocks Show Exact Time” on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Gdańsk City Gallery in 2019

phot. Zuzanna Głód and Paweł Sosnowski


_DSC2806 CZAS_widok-wystawy_37